... is a musical outlet based in Vienna, Austria. Since Noel Dinse and Leonard Prochazka established the label in 2019 their aim is to create objects for individualized auditive and haptic sensations. With the process of selecting, collecting and archiving material they reflect on their socio-political surrounding and seek for possibilities to transcend given structures.

WT002 (10 inch)

“Das autonome Wesen” by Taurus

Taurus, a group of 3, assembled a gathering in 2018 to question the overall manifestation of autonomy in our everyday lives. Diana Barbosa Gil, Paul Ebhart and Leonard Prochazka tried to approach the subject in considering autonomy to be a kind of being / body in constant motion and change. A spoken and musical dialogue between the three, took place in the setting of an old displaced wooden church in the outskirts of Vienna, Austria. The use of the centrally hanging gong split the evening into four chapters. In each of these GONGS the group adressed crucial historic events that inherent aspects of self-determination, authority and ownership in form of their personal interpretations and associations. With „Das autonome Wesen“ the evening found an end that spoke of trust, cooperation and action.

Drawing: Diana Barbosa Gil
Artwork: Leonard Prochazka & Noel Dinse

Residency at Radio Relativa, Madrid
Fall-Winter 2020/21

When strolling around an antique store Noel and Leonard found a folded map. A variety of symbols and lines create a complex network. Their linguistic capabilities only allowed them to fully identify five words that were seemingly connected. Imaginary place, half-human, natural history, cosmic fantasy and surmineralism. Inspired by these words they assembled 5 musical collages.

7.11.19 (Cassette)

Musical collage recorded in Vienna for Lyl
Radio, Lyon, Paris.

Front picture: Zoe Kursawe
Drawings: Leonard Prochazka
Artwork: Noel Dinse

WT001 (7 inch)

“Kaum-Zeit-Kontinuum” by Paul Ebhart & Leonard Prochazka

“As Leonard Prochazka and Paul Ebhart realize they can not relate to societies urge to standardized time structures at all they try to hunt down their very own perception of this fluid constant. This ever existent pressure of losing time, as if it would be something able of being capitalized, brings the two musicians even closer to their instruments. Going back to the point where subjectivity creates emptiness seems to be the right way to build personalized human-time relations. Westbahns first release „Kaum-Zeit-Kontinuum“ is the product of two people asking questions in a system they don’t like.”

Drawing: Leonard Prochazka
Artwork: Leonard Prochazka & Noel Dinse