Geier aus Stahl

... is a figure that appeared for the first time in 2016. He is a commissioner to investigate more detailed on questions of autonomy, hierarchy and destructive power relations. With the frequencies of both electronic and acoustic instruments Geier is weaving a flying carpet that he invites you on to have a discussion about the bridges between selective and collective consciousness.

V.A. Sampler “Goldrausch - Der Wien Sampler” (Cassette)

Label: Goldgelb Records, Vienna


V.A. Sampler “Resist Entropy” (12 inch)

Label: Lustpoderosa, Berlin


Remix for Alexander Arpeggios “Streng Geheim” EP (12 inch)

Label: Neubau, Vienna


V.A. Sampler “Vol 2.” (12 inch)

Label: Eine Welt, Berlin